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  • Dropdown Menu
    Dropdown Menu Advanced CSS driven menu with inline modules, icons, multiple columns and other features.
  • Responsive Layout
    Responsive Layout The template's structure adapts to a device's display size such as mobiles or tablets.
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    Integrated Slideshow Powered by RokGallery, the header slideshow is quick to setup and easy to configure.

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Issue 11/2012

Cerulean, the December 2012 template release, is a beautifully constructed template with a three-dimensional styled design to add depth to content.

Cerulean is a beautifully constructed template with a three-dimensional styled design to add depth to your content.

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Popular Features.

  • RokSprocket
  • Menu System
  • Styling

Content Extension


A powerful content extension with mosaic, lists, headlines, tabs and features modes.A powerful content extension with mosaic, lists, headlines, tabs and features modes and integrated template styling.

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Two Menu Options


Choose between a CSS driven dropdown menu with advanced options or a static splitmenu.Choose between a CSS driven dropdown menu with advanced options, such as inline module positions, or a static splitmenu.

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Presets and Suffixes


Select from a wide array of preset style variations and module class suffixes to individualize your site.Select from a wide array of preset style variations and configure your layout with module class suffixes to individualize your site.

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Flexible Layouts.



Responsive Modes
Adaptable layout for mobile (portrait / landscape), tablet and desktop displays.

Gantry 4 Core.



Advanced Features
Configure an array of features with the Gantry Framework's custom interface.

Multiple Styles



Configurable Presets
A wide selection of preset styles and module variationssuffixes are available.

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About Cerulean.

image Choose between a static or a RokGallery powered slideshow in the template header, with its standard configuration options. Choose between a static or a RokGallery slideshow header.
image The dropdown menu supports multiple columns, inline icons, subtext, inline modules and positions, and much more. The dropdown menu supports inline icons and much more.
image Select the custom Cerulean article/blog layout options in the menu manager to display the overhanging ribbon date. Select the Cerulean article/blog layout for a custom ribbon date.

Gantry Extras.

  • Custom Presets +

    Create custom presets to easily save any configured style combination
  • Per Menu Support +

    Configure Gantry settings for individual menu items for complete control
  • and Many More... +

    Gantry is packed full of a wide portfolio of features and functions
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Cerulean Demo.

RocketLauncher is a customized Joomla install, that installs a replica of the demo.

All sample content images, shown in this demo, will be replaced with blanks in the RocketLauncher for copyright reasons.

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